Ben and Bex Meals



Lightly battered whitebait, rocket garnish and accompanied with a smokey paprika mayo. £6

Bread and Olives

Warmed ciabatta, Spanish pitted olives balsamic and extra virgin olive oil. £6

Soup of the day

Homemade soup of the day served with a warm ciabatta. £6


Beer batterd calamari served with a homemade aioli. £6

Warm Salad

Warm goats cheese salad, lightly pickled beetroot, toasted walnuts and a rocket salad


Chicken wings glazed in our own BBQ sauc, Six £5 / Twelve £8 / Twenty Four £14

Veal Loin

Veal loin, anchovy and tuna aioli, cornichons, wild rocket £7.95


Fish Lovers

Beer battered calamari, whitebait, breaded scampi with homemade aioli dip and lemon wedges. £14

Cheese Lovers

Oven baked Camembert, red onion chutney, toasted ciabatta, celery and grapes. £10

Vegetarian Mezze

Toasted pita bread, pitted Spanish olives, hummous, and mixed vegetable crudites. £14


Shepherd's Pie

Classic shepherds pie topped with a fluffy mash, garden peas and a rich gravy. £13

Sausages and Mash

Cumberland sausage, buttery mash, garden peas and rich onion gravy. £11

Ham, Eggs and Chips

Honey roasted ham with two free range eggs and chunky chips. £12

Fish and Chips

Battered fish, chunky chips, mushy peas and tangy tartare sauce. £13

Pie and Mash

Pie of the day with buttery mash. £14


Chefs curry of the day served with rice. £13

Mac and Cheese

Creamy oven baked mac and cheese


Scottish salmon fillet, fine green beans, sauteed new potatoes, and a creamy white wine sauce. £15

From the Grill


all our steaks are served with mushrooms, confit plum tomato, chunky chips and beer battered onion rings.
8oz rump £17
8oz ribeye £19
10oz sirlion £22


Baby back BBQ ribs served with coleslaw and corn. £14 Double up £19
Add skin on fries for £1.50

Chicken and Chips

Succulent half chicken, fries and salad £14

The Ultimate Burger

Old Beams Burger

8oz of pure West Country beef, blended to our own recipe. £12

Angry Bird

Southern fired chicken burger. £12

Pig Daddy

Pulled pork burger. £13

Meat is Murder

Vegetarian mildly spiced. £11

From me to ewe

Lamb Burger. £13

Moby Dick

Fillet of haddock in bread crumbs. £13


Sides - £3.50

Skin on fries

Chunky Chips

Sweet potato fries

Beer battered onion rings

Seasonal Vegetables

Garden Peas. £2

Sauces - £1.50

Home made aioli.

Peppercorn or blue cheese.

BBQ. £1

Sweet Chilli. £1



Homemade beer battered fish finger and tangy tartare sauce. £7.5

Rump steak with softened onions. £8

Cheese and pickle. £7

BLT. £8

Tuna mayo. £7

Add fries for £1.50

Jacket Potatoes

Tuna mayo. £7

Chilli beef lightly spiced. £8

Cheese and beans. £6

Soup of the day

With a warm ciabatta. £11

Salad Bowl

The ultimate wellness bowl that includes, ancient grains, chickpeas, roasted veggies and a selection of leaves. £9

Add Extras : Chicken £3, Salmon £4, Halloumi £3, Steak £4


Hotdog and fries. £6

Sausage, chips and beans. £6

Popcorn chicken and fries. £6

Old Beams homemade beef burger and fries. £6

Mac and Cheese. £6

Pita, crudities and hummous. £6



Homemade gooey chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice cream or cream and drizzled in a warm chocolate sauce. £6

Cheesecake of the day

Creamy filling baked in a pressed crumb shell. £6

Sticky Toffee

Moist sponge cake, with finely chopped dates and covered in a toffee sauce served with vanilla custard, ice cream or double cream. £6

Eton Mess

Fresh Berries, merginue and whipped cream. £6

Peach Melba

Tender ripe peaches, vanilla ice cream and a puree of berries. £5

Ice cream sundae

3 scoops of vanilla ice cream with layers of either cheesecake of the day, sticky toffee pudding, eton mess or peach melba. £6

Ice Cream

Selection of ice cream flavours, two scoops £3, Add Vodka £2.

Coffee and Tea